Seminars & Training

Seminars Available (3 Hours Technical Credit)

Additional Insureds – All You Need to Know

Advanced Risk Assessment

Alternative Risk Transfer Techniques

Analyzing Client’s Contracts – Insurance and Beyond

Auto Insurance from Coast to Coast – Tips for Coverage and Claims

Business Interruption Basics – Part I

Business Interruption Basics – Part II

CGL Endorsements

Client and Insurer Disaster Protection

Cyber Risks and Coverage Solutions

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance – a Technical Overview

Don’t Let a Natural (or other Disaster) Turn into an Insurance Disaster

Environmental Risks and Coverages – What’s in and What’s Out

Errors and Omissions Liability – Who, What, Where, Why and How

Errors & Omissions Loss Prevention

Establishing and Maintaining File Audit Procedures

How to Analyze and Compare Insurance Policy Wordings

Information is Power

Insurance and Risk Management Tips for Non-Profit and Government Organizations

Insurer Solvency and Regulation

Making the Transition from Personal Lines to Commercial Lines

Managing the Madness – Certificates of Insurance and Interim Insurance Documents

Making the Puzzle Pieces Fit – Designing Commercial Insurance Programs

Money, Money, Money

Not-so-Obvious Business Interruption Risks and Coverage Solutions

Outside the Box – Seldom Used but Effective Policy Wordings and Endorsements

Reinsurance 101

Responding to RFP’s – How to Win and Keep the Client

Risk Assessment

Risk and Insurance Implications of the Sharing & Collaborative Economies

Stand and Deliver – Public Speaking for Insurance Professionals


Survival Strategies for the Hard Market

The Insurance Business and its Regulation

The Magic of the Statutory Conditions

To Infinity and Beyond – How to Enhance Broker Technical Expertise

Twenty Questions – To Help Minimize Errors & Omissions on Accounts

Upselling Commercial Coverages

Valuation, Valuation, Valuation

What If?  Ethical Dilemmas for Insurance Professionals

Most of these seminars have been approved for Continuing Education Credits (Technical) from Insurance Councils in Canada.  The responsibility for obtaining approval for CE credits rests with the client organization.

 Each seminar can be delivered at your chosen location for a flat fee.  In certain locations, a minimum of 2 seminars per day is required.  The fee includes the use of the facilitator’s projector, if desired.

Speaking engagements delivered

  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada Annual Conference, Edmonton, June 1995
  • Canadian Risk & Insurance Management Conference, Vancouver, October 1995
  • BC Risk & Insurance Management Association – Chapter Education Day, February 1997, 1998, 1999
  • 36th Annual RIMS Conference, San Diego, April 1998 (Audio taped)
  • BC Society of Fellows of the Insurance Institute of Canada Meeting, November 2000
  • BC Risk & Insurance Management Association – Chapter Education Day, March 2001
  • Canadian Risk & Insurance Management Conference, Ottawa, September 2001
  • Northern Alberta RIMS Chapter – Education Day, Edmonton, February 2002
  • Canadian Risk & Insurance Management Conference, Saskatoon, September 2002
  • Captive Insurance Association Conference, Victoria, October 2003
  • Canadian Strategy Institute Captive Insurance Forum, Toronto, January 2006
  • BC Society of Fellows of the Insurance Institute of Canada, February, 2007
  • Strategy Institute Captive Insurance Forum, Toronto, April 2008
  • Nova Scotia Schools Insurance Program, Construction Risks Forum, June 2009
  • BC Purchasing Management Association, Fall Conference, October 2010
  • Maritime RIMS Chapter, Halifax, December 2010
  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada, National Conference, Whistler, BC, June 2011
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC – Risk Management Symposium, April 2012
  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada, National Conference, Moncton, NB, June 2012
  • Board of Directors, Commissionaires Nova Scotia, September 2013
  • Board of Directors, McInnes Cooper, July 2014
  • Institute of Internal Auditors Maritime Chapter, March 2015
  • Supply Chain Management Association of BC, BC Conference, September 2015
  • Supply Chain Management Association of BC, Seminar, March 2017
  • BC Risk and Insurance Management Association, March 2017
  • Insurance Institutes of NS, NB, Northern & Southern Alberta, 2019


  • Services are provided to clients on a “first come, first served” basis.  The first client to book my time on a specific date is guaranteed my services on that date.
  • Obtaining continuing education accreditation shall be at the sole responsibility and cost of the client organization.  While many of the above seminars have previously been offered and CE credits have been granted, there is no guarantee of CE credits being awarded for any session.
  • Speaking engagements booked more than 3 months in advance are NON-CANCELLABLE and the entire fee is payable when a scheduled engagement is cancelled within 3 months of the date booked.  In the event that the session is re-booked on an alternate date, or alternate work is arranged on that day(s), a fee of 50% (not inclusive of GST/HST) shall apply.  Any travel costs which have been incurred related to the cancelled speaking engagement shall be borne entirely by the client.
  • Date changes which are mutually agreed by Karen MacWilliam and the client shall not attract any financial penalty.
  • Speaking engagements booked less than 3 months in advance may be cancelled upon 14 calendar days’ notice. The 14 days’ notice is from the date that travel to the speaking engagement commences.

 Example:  session booked for the 28th of the month, travel commences on the 27th, the session would have to be cancelled by 4 pm, local time, on the 13th.

Any speaking engagement cancelled within 14 calendar days prior to the start of the engagement that is not re-booked within 12 months, shall result in 100% of the quoted fee and 100% of non-refundable travel costs being charged.

  • To maintain the lowest possible travel costs, airfares and accommodation are typically booked 60-120 days in advance and may be scheduled in conjunction with travel for other clients to different destinations.  Where travel costs are part of the quoted price and a speaking engagement is cancelled by the client, the client shall bear all of the non-refundable travel costs.  Note that all economy airfares are non-refundable.
  • The client shall be advised as to the anticipated travel costs at the time of booking.  If an “all-inclusive” fee has been negotiated, an invoice for the fee shall be the only accounting provided.
  • Speaking engagements booked less than 3 months in advance require that the client assume all responsibility for travel costs.  The client shall pay the actual travel costs that are applicable as at the time of booking and shall not be quoted a flat fee for expenses.  Prior to finalizing the booking, the client shall be advised of the applicable travel costs.  If required, a detailed accounting shall be provided to the client.
  • In the event that Karen MacWilliam is unavailable due to illness, injury or travel disruption beyond her control, previously booked speaking engagements can be re-booked for a future date without penalty.  If the speaking engagement cannot be re-booked, no costs will be charged to the client.  Karen will attempt to provide the client with as much notice as possible if there are unavoidable absences or delays.
  • If participant evaluations are obtained, the client agrees to share them with Karen MacWilliam for quality management purposes.  Karen will not contact any of the evaluators.